The “Low, Deep, Banging Drum” – My Poem on Depression

You hear the low, deep, banging drum,
You brace yourself to dip
It hits your mind, your heart, your soul,
In one, almighty grip

You feel its grasp fill up your head,
As it swallow’s you down, whole
And through your eyes, your life seems bleak,
Depression, takes its toll

Your loved ones’ beg, your loved ones’ plead,
They wonder what’s so “bad”
They cannot seem to understand,
The reason’s why your sad…

The low, deep, drum invades your space,
It resonates inside,
Any chance of feeling happiness,
Seems to disappear, to hide…

You see that slowly you begin,
To beat down those you love
You hate yourself for being the cause,
and being too weak to rise above

They tell you of the good things in life,
Yet you can’t think of one…I guess,
It’s hard to hear the positives with
That low, deep, banging drum…


by Stephanie Zikmann