Keeping Fit – What day am I on again!?

Hey guys!

I must admit that I have lost track of how many days into my fitness regime I am… but here’s a little update regardless:

I have been walking my dogs for an hour a day (which is the equivalent of controlling a movable object weighing 120kg – not bad) – I even bought a nice pair of grey, dual-lite skechers to go with it! These shoes are a God-send for comfort, by the way!

My nearest and dearest hubby has devised a personal regime which involves alternating upper body and lower body workouts (3 days a week)… the days off in between have been a great way for me to just recover and recharge.

Do any other pregnant ladies feel that their joints are more susceptible to injury? I feel like a battered, old woman! Today I sustained a knee injury through squatting with two, three kg dumbbell’s – not good!

Bright side – meal times for us adults have become a lot easier! We have managed to find ready made meals in Asda that are low in the big three (fat, saturated sugar and salt), include 2 of your 5 (or 7) a day and are microwavable so saving us an immense amount of time! Hooray!

I managed day one of my chakra challenge and have been talking myself into the rest – this was 40 minutes of uncomfortable movement which I’m sure would have got easier had I not pregnancy hormones to go with it. I found I was mostly getting angry at myself because my flexibility has obviously deteriorated as this pregnancy has went on… I must admit however, that the 5 minute meditation at the end was a blessing and something I have continued to do each day since. I recommend taking at least 5 minutes to just breathe and calm the mind. 

I do feel a lot healthier but being 21 weeks and growing, it’s difficult to say if my efforts are truly helping to combat unnecessary weight gain. All I can hope to expect is a quicker recovery to my original pre-baby body (the body I had when I was like, 21 which now seems like a faraway dream).

There we go!


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