Fitness Commences

Hey guys,

So I went for my chiropractor appointment on Monday to discover my Pelvis is tilted. This was amended through gentle pushing manoeuvres and will be kept on top of on a monthly basis to aid my delivery (when the time comes).

It wasn’t a quick fix, unfortunately and I’m still having some bother with my lower back (now on both sides) HOWEVER, I’ve decided to not let it get in the way of my plans to be healthy and fit, so here I am.

So, healthy eating aside (Joe Wicks, I love you!) I have now signed up for yet another “challenge” which starts today! No time like the present. This online challenge requires approx. 20minutes of exercise, five days a week. Cardio is an optional extra which I will be doing since we have three mutts to walk daily anyway!

This morning I woke up and did 20 reps of leg/arm raises, each side – it was painful but in a good way! Let’s just say I felt the burn – this wasn’t part of the challenge, rather, a short assessment I wanted to put myself through to see just how difficult it would be.

It was difficult, but I’m ready to take on my love handles and say hello to my “bump only” figure. I’m told “it’s possible!”.

First things first, I weighed myself yesterday for reference – I am 10.3 stone! I am conscious of the fact I was 9.5 stone at the start of my pregnancy, so it is obvious that my weight is beginning to pile on day by day.

I am 5 months preggers now of course and a bump is well and truly here now, but it’s still good to monitor and control it.

So here is where I stand right now:

5’6 inches tall

25 years old

5 months pregnant (well, 19 weeks and 4 days)

38.4 inches around the baby bump

32.6 inches under the bust

39 inches over the bust

38 inches around the waist

10.5 inches around the upper arm/triceps/biceps

19.2 inches around the upper thighs

10.3 stone in weight

Let’s see what 2 weeks can do!

S xox



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