Day Three – Journey To A Yummy Mummy

Hey guys!

So as advised in all the mum-to-be books, I sought medical advice prior to starting any kind of intense workout (and by “intense” I mean anything that requires my heart rate to accelerate above 65bpm – head lowering in shame).

I’ve been having some bother with my arse cheek lately – pleasant! But not really, in fact it has gotten me into a few pickles the past week or so due to seizing up at the most inconvenient of times (bending down to select my weekly stash of Coco Pops at Asda, pulling my knickers up after visiting the ladies – unfortunately, I speak the truth)… turns out, I am having such pressures due to the strain in holding extra weight (thank you baby!) and since I never experienced this with my first, I can only fear that this little bambino must be bigger and that concept is truly frightening considering I really struggled in the hospital with 5lbs 3.5 ounces (pathetic, I know!).

As a result of this godawful pressure (and it truly is godawful), I have been forced to postpone my workouts (I swear it’s a reason, not an excuse!) and instead focus on light stretches and walking. So, I’ve been getting around 20 minutes of active walking each day with the dogs and stretches focused on my glutes mostly. It’s going well and I do feel a lot better for it.

While fitness is great for the obvious reasons, I have also been using this time to focus on my diet too. I’ve switched olive oil with organic coconut oil, I have bought in a lot of organic broccoli and fresh fruits (apparently Pineapple has been known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks – hallelujah!) making all meals from scratch (I recommend looking up Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Recipes) and I’ve also been drinking 500ml of water a day (this is LOADS for me). I’ve been doing this in small portions approximately every 2-3 hours. Sure, I’ve also sneaked in a few bourbons when my husband’s not looking but, hey, I am pregnant after all!

I have booked myself into our local chiropractors’ clinic who has been known as the Jesus of back problems, working wonders on all of his troubled patients. I’m hopeful to have it fixed there and then, so bring on Monday!


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