7 Ways To Feel Calm and Be Happy

When I’m on the war path (albeit, at least once every day), I try to do these 7 things to get me out of the rut.

I dare you to try them all – they’re hard, but effective.

  1. Breathe long, in through your nose and out THROUGH YOUR NOSE – Breathing in and out through your nose takes more energy and automatically makes you focus more on breathing rather than feeling mad. Notice when you are in a calm state of mind, you breathe solely through your nose or very rarely through your mouth versus when you are in a state of exhaustion or distress you breathe through your mouth? If you want to achieve calm, do what you would, when you are calm. Not so simple, but it works!
  2. Smile when there’s nobody there – I say that because sometimes you don’t want to smile in front of the person you are mad at out of pride. Go away and smile on your own. Smile at yourself and if you can’t smile, think of smiling. The same hormones are released into the body when you focus on thinking about it as there would, when actually doing it. (PS. Look up the Inner Smile Meditation).
  3. Youtube your favourite upbeat song at precisely 432 hertz – I do this one a lot, especially when I’m on a low. I often find that listening to a song I love to dance to, makes me dance. There’s no better feeling in the world than to dance ridiculously when no-one is watching. If you pick a good tune you won’t even have to try! Also a frequency of 432 Hertz has been scientifically proven to improve moods and behaviour.
  4. Visit 432 Player to upload the app for your phone.
  5. Listen to a wise old man – put things into perspective by listening to someone who knows. My husband likes to listen to Alan Watts when he wants to reflect on life. It takes no energy at all to listen when you’re that mad you don’t want to do a thing. Sometimes a little bit of philosophy can change your whole opinion of something for the better.
  6. Walk – walking where there are trees is another one of my favourites. I take the dog with me and just allow myself to really appreciate nature. Being too consumed in our own domestic troubles leaves no room to see the bigger picture. Also, tree’s give off oxygen – and we humans, thrive on that stuff!
  7. Talk – when the time is right. And it’s right in and hour or two when you have collected all the facts and thought about the situation objectively. Not talking leads to resentment and an inevitable outburst down the line. Talk when you are calm to resolve the issue or, agree to disagree.

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