The Honesty Policy

Knowing the truth has to be better than being lied to day in, day out no matter the consequences, right?

We may not appreciate the truth initially and there are some cases where we even choose not to believe the truth simply because it doesn’t fall under our expectations.

People are naturally programmed to believe in their own version of the truth, rather than the truth itself. So why do we constantly hear people say, “honesty is the best policy?”

So, what if a certain truth can’t be resolved overnight? Forget about looking horrendous with that new hair colour or choice of shirt for that all important “meet the parents” evening… these are minor things in the grand scale of things.
Think of an acutal physical attribute like, “does my bum look big in this?” or, the way he says distorts his face at times, that literally makes you cringe…

Would you be honest and tell them what you think and feel or would you lie to avoid them getting upset?

It comes down to having good judgment and knowing the person you’re with. If you know he/she is sensitive, then perhaps telling a “wee white lie” isn’t going to impact your relationship too harshly otherwise, you can word truth to make it sound less brutal.

What about something even bigger, like an affair.

If you can’t be honest to an important person in your life then that person isn’t important at all. If they were, you wouldn’t even need to think about it because having respect for someone is having the decency to let them know where they stand.

You can come up with a million excuses as to why you have still not told them…but the bottom line is, you never would have entered into an affair had you just cut the crap at the beginning and done the right thing.

Lies are unhealthy, exhausting and always lead to more lies,

Goodbye Mr. Right
Hello, Mr. Do The Right Thing!




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