The 5 Unwritten Laws of Marriage -For Ladies

  1. You know the old saying “cruel to be kind”? Well, sometimes it’s actually kinder to just be dishonest (Eg. if your husband’s not looking his best today, for the love of GOD, don’t tell him!). Men have larger ego’s than us ladies, they just hide it better!
  2. Allow your husband the authority to feel able to do the “masculine chores” (eg. building furniture from IKEA). My husband tries to build things the way he thinks they should look, I gasp with awe (which is usually horror), and wait until he leaves for work before whipping out the instructions to build it the right way. He usually comes home none the wiser and we can both sleep at night.
  3. Never slag him in front of his mates. It may seem funny at the time (and I’m sure he finds it funny when he’s slagging you) but internally, the man is dying with sheer embarrassment. Men can’t take personal, public jokes from their misses’, they just can’t.
  4. Ask him for advice even if you think he doesn’t have a clue. Everyone likes to feel valued but especially, your husband. Let him have a say and he’ll be more inclined to return the favour. Men definitely respond better when it’s tit for tat.
  5. Tell him what you want. This can apply to everything in your lives together, because men really don’t know how to take initiative and do what you want them to do. Especially so in the bedroom – what feels amazing to him, more often than not, feels average to us, but he’s finishing feeling like he’s the man… and can you blame him? Don’t mislead him into thinking something false – don’t tell him he’s crap, tell him he’s great but show him what else you want. He’ll find your confidence sexy and I can guarantee, that by exposing yourself in an intimate capacity, he will too, expose a little about his own desires.

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